Intuitive Readers

Lighthouse Bookstore is pleased to offer a wide variety of Psychic/Intuitive Readers for our customers.

We offer these services 7 days a week.

Monday – Saturday: 11:30am – 7:30pm 

 Sunday: 11:30am – 5:30pm


Available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Amy Satori

Intuitive Readings


I was born with extraordinary gifts, as an intuitive, and use them to answer pressing questions people have about their lives. I help people uncover emotional issues that are getting in their way as well as communicate with their pets and departed loved ones!

Common topics covered in sessions with Amy:

  • Aligning with Your Soulmate
  • Awakening Into Consciousness
  • Decisions on Career or Education
  • Energy Work on blockages & ailments
  • Releasing Limiting Belief Systems
  • Resources and Tools for your path
  • Spiritual Practices & Sacred Rituals
  • Animal Communication
  • Past/Parallel Lives
  • Connecting with deceased loved ones
  • Life Purpose
  • Navigating Relationship Dynamics
Tarot Readings Boulder


Available every other Sunday & every other Tuesday

Gary Shunk

Intuitive Tarot Readings


I have studied Tarot for 36 years, taken several psychic training classes, and done hundreds of readings over the years. I call my readings “Life-Affirming” readings. I use the Thoth deck. I like to do a 13-card reading based on the 12 houses of astrology, with 1 card serving as a main theme. This provides a great overview of what is going on. I also have varying free-form spreads for specific questions. My Tarot readings provide a unique, self-affirming view of the present moment. I find that Tarot is an intuitive tool that can be used for gaining insight into our human existence. Tarot touches on spiritual, creative, emotional, mental, and physical energies that we deal with each and every day. Tarot also brings to light higher energies that give special focus to the readings.

Card Reading Boulder


Available Mondays & every other Tuesday

Cate Durrett

Intuitive Readings


I am a full time psychic intuitive based in Boulder, Colorado. A former yoga studio owner, I have traveled the world, and have been studying the various internal arts for 15 years. I have extensive experience teaching classes and workshops and have the gift of making esoteric information accessible to all types of people.

Mark Kodak Reader


Available Wednesdays

Mark Kodak

Intuitive Readings


I was born and raised in the Mojave desert. My ancestral roots are Native American. I have a deep passion for all things metaphysical. I have nurtured my intuition through my studies in Mysticism, Alchemy, and Tarot.


I will help you read the language of your subconscious by walking you through the story presented in the cards. Together we will explore the archetypal and mythic aspects of your personal becoming and discuss ways to creatively self-heal.


Available every other Sunday

Lynn Hanson

Psychic Readings


My spiritual name is White Raven, meaning “Messenger of Truth & Love for the Spiritual World.”

I have been practicing for over 22 years. Skilled in various metaphysical modalities, my favorite techniques are scrying through my Crystal Ball and reading Chakra Stones.

The pure quartz crystal ball allows me to see into the past, present, future, and to connect to the spiritual world to receive messages from your guides.